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FAQ | Orthokeratology

What is involved in the procedure?

Once you have committed to Orthokeratology, we will order your custom made lenses which will take 2-3 weeks to arrive. When they arrive, we'll organise a fitting appointment to make sure the lenses fit well, and to teach you how to insert, remove and clean the lenses. 

Follow up appointments will then be 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and every 6 months. It is extremely important to come back to these appointments so we can make any changes to the lenses if required, and also to make sure that eye health and vision are good.

Are there Age Restrictions?


OrthoK is successful for both children as young as 9 and adults of all ages. It works best if you are short-sighted and low levels of astigmatism.

Is Everyone Suitable for Ortho-K

Not everyone is suitable for it but it works best if you are short-sighted and have low levels of astigmatism. However, OrthoK is a therapy that has been practiced and researched since the 1940s. Given that OrthoK is a specialised technique and not widely available, our optometrists have undergone further training and our practice have the dedicated diagnostic equipment to perform the precise fitting and aftercare that is required

Is Ortho-k treatment permanent?

The effects of Ortho-K treatment is reversible and only works as long as you continue to wear the lenses every night. You can stop it at any time and it will take about 72 hours for your vision to return to pre-treatment prescription.

When do I start getting results with Ortho-K?

Most patients will get optimal vision within the first 10-14 days but you will see immerse improvement within the first 48-72 hours of treatment.

Is Ortho K Painful?

Ortho K treatment is pain free. Because it is a hard lens, you will notice discomfort from wearing the Ortho K lenses on the first night but you won’t notice once you sleep. Similar to when you are aware of your new shoes on your feet on the first day.

How safe is Ortho K?


Ortho K is safe when appropriately fitted and managed properly. Many people are able to become less dependent on glasses and day time contact lenses with no adverse effects. Unlike LASIK or photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), the corneal tissue is not incised or lasered. As with all contact lenses, proper lens care and handling will be needed to maintain eye health.


What happens if my prescription changes?


If your prescription does change while being treated with orthokeratology, it is easy to adapt the procedure. We won’t expect the prescription to change much as studies have shown changes are lower than if you wear glasses over the same period. 

How much does it cost?


The total cost for Orthokeratology treatment starts from $1,500 (the cost may vary depending on your prescription and shape of your eyes). 

This includes the Orthokeratology lenses, future consultation fees and any changes to the lenses within the fitting period. The only thing you will have to pay extra for are cleaning solutions and eye drops, as everyone uses a different amount!

Is it covered under health insurance?


Yes! Depending on your level of cover, the cost of Ortho-K can be claimable on your optical rebate from most health fund insurances. We are happy to do a quote for you in store as well

What’s next?


Contact us today to book your obligation-free appointment with our highly qualified optometrist. We will discuss and answer any questions you may have on this specialised treatment.

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