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If you’re looking for a trusted, professional, and personalised optometry service in your local community, come and visit Balmain Vision. Led by Dr Queenie Chau, the Balmain Vision team is committed to delivering the highest standards of care for the whole family.


Our Montague Street boutique is just a 10-minute drive from the heart of Leichhardt, making us the local optometrist for Leichhardt locals. To make an appointment with our team, give us a call today or use our online booking system.


Some of the quality eye care and eyewear services we offer include:


  • Comprehensive eye examinations

  • RMS vision testing

  • Treatment for dry eyes

  • Full scope medical optometry (working alongside GPs, ophthalmologists, and other healthcare professionals)

  • Comfortable contact lenses

  • And much more

Children’s Optometrist


Did you know that 1 in 4 children suffer from an undiagnosed vision problem? That’s 25% of kids between 5 and 12 whose academic performance and social development may be affected by underlying vision problems.


At Balmain Vision, we are proud to be your children’s optometrist near Leichhardt. We focus on regular eye tests and early detection to identify and manage vision problems in your children. Through a combination of proactive testing, vision correction, expert advice, and ongoing management, we can help your child achieve their best possible vision.

Eye Tests Leichhardt

The Balmain Vision team is proud to offer comprehensive eye exams for the whole family. Whether you’re a child, a parent, or a grandparent, our team can update your prescription, detect and manage new and existing eye conditions, and offer an unparalleled view of your eye health.


To book an eye test near Leichhardt, book online with the Balmain Vision team or call 1300 12 12 88.

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