Lens Technology

Rodenstock Impressionist 3


Optical lenses need to be fitted precisely for clear vision.

There is no point in having the best lenses on the market unless they are precisely fitted to your frame. This used to be done by hand. We utilise the latest in measurement technology to determine the precise centration of your lenses in your frame, as you wear it. The Rodenstock ImpressionIST 3 is a computerised measuring system which draws on German expertise in engineering. With its unique dual camera technology, the ImpressionIST 3 calculates the position of all the points of your frame and your eye in 3D space to an accuracy of 0.1mm.

Every frame and every face is different. Five main parameters are required in order to produce a highly customised lens: 

  • The distance from your pupil to the back of the lens (vertex distance)

  • The angle the lens sits at in front of your eyes (pantoscopic tilt)

  • The curvature of the frame (frame wrap angle)

  • The height of your pupil in the frame as it is worn

  • The horizontal centration of your pupil in the frame

Once these measurements are taken, Rodenstock incorporates them to the calculations in order to optimise the optical characteristics of your lens. The ImpressionIST uploads the data directly to the optical lab in Germany where your lenses are manufactured. With German precision, the lenses are digitally cut in a process known as freeform production.

You will receive precisely optimised lens designed just for you with maximum near and distance vision and minimum distortion