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You can finally get clear vision without wearing glasses or soft contact lenses or needing surgery!

What is Ortho K?

Orthokeratology is a specially designed overnight contact lens that you wear whilst you sleep to temporarily reshape the cornea (front surface of the eye) so that you can see clearly the next day after you remove the lenses in the morning. 


Ortho K is great if you don’t want to wear glasses or soft contact lenses. It also isn’t an invasive procedure like Laser eye surgery. All the effects are also reversible so you got nothing to lose by trying them out!

Contact Lenses

How Ortho K works?

Orthokeratology starts when you put the lenses in before you sleep at night. Once the lens is in, it should feel just like a normal pair of contact lenses with minimal discomfort. 


The Ortho-K lenses gently reshape the cornea so that you can see clearly the next day after you take the lens out when you wake up. The cornea is highly elastic so it will always return to its original shape. Therefore the effects of wearing ortho-k lenses last around 24 hours. For this reason, Ortho-K lenses are usually worn every night to maintain the re-shaping effect once the desired cornea shape has been achieved.

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Who will benefit from Ortho K

  • People who want freedom from glasses/contact lenses

  • People who have active lifestyle such as exercise or play sports

  • People with dry and allergic eyes 

  • People who work in dusty environments

  • Children with Myopia

Ortho-K and Myopia

It is also a clinically proven method for slowing down myopia progression in children which lowers the risk of developing sight threatening eye disease later in life

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