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Dr. Queenie Chau

Dr. Queenie Chau

B.Optom/Vision Science (1st Class HONS); 
Ocular Therapeutics UNSW: 
Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber, 
Sydney Dry Eye Clinic by Balmain Vision. 

Dr Queenie Chau is our Principal Optometrist and is therapeutically qualified to prescribe opthalmic medicine.  Queenie has special interest in orthokeratology contact lens fitting, early eye disease detection and ocular disease management including dry eye and myopia management.


With over 10 years of experience in optometry, Queenie enjoys working with patients to understand their vision needs as well as raising awareness in the importance of caring for their eyes to prevent future long-term complications. She integrates the latest technology and latest evidence-based research into her management plans to ensure the highest quality of care is given to all her patients. 

​When Queenie is not taking care of your eyes, she is spending time with her pup, Katsu and trying out new restaurants.